Property Renovations

Correctly managed renovations provide a financial return on the investment, create an improved living environment, increase rental returns and accelerate capital growth: a far more sound strategy than just relying on the market.

It’s often a fine line between making a profit and overcapitalising. You need to know:

  • The ideal types of properties to renovate
  • What will give you the largest return on investment
  • Which floor plans are best to work with
  • Which parts of the property you can renovate without needing council approval

You also need the process professionally managed so the final outcome will meet or exceed your expectations.

EPS successfully manages a wide range of Sydney renovations, big and small, for home buyers and property investors, helping increase the capital value and rental return on their assets.

This enables them to reinvest the increased equity and rental returns to expand their portfolio faster.

Home owners can create their ideal living environment without taking on the stress of project management themselves — leaving it to EPS.

As Sydney's property buying experts, we understand the current value of property across Sydney and have the skills, contacts and experience to provide renovation advice to make your property more profitable, increasing your return on investment.

Renovating for Profit

Here is a snapshot of Patrick’s new book which has just been released – The Insider’s Guide to Renovating for Profit. To order a copy  click here .

Patrick’s 7-step plan for renovating for profit

The secret to success in anything you do is having a good plan, conducting your research and working smartly. To get you started I want to introduce my proven 7-step plan that I use to renovate properties for profit, for myself and my clients:

Step 1 : Understand the renovation profit formula – once you understand the theory you'll see where the profits lie.

Step 2 : Work out how much you can afford – you need enough in the kitty to cover the three major costs of renovating.

Step 3 : Target the right property type – match your risk profile to the right type of property.

Step 4 : Market research and preparation – it all comes down to the all-important research.

Step 5 : Select the right property to buy – how to spot a property with the maximum profit potential.

Step 6 : Pay the right price – how to work out the maximum you can afford to pay and still make a healthy profit.

Step 7 : Get the work done on time and budget – avoid profit-shrinking cost overruns and delays.


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What other Property Investors had to say about us


The most pleasing aspect of the renovation was the short time taken as you promised and the speed at which it was let.

- John and Vicki Wright

Having someone do all the work for us was a very pleasant experience. All our requirements were met, the property is now tenanted and returning us in excess of 6.8% on our investment. What more could we ask?

- Dugland& Suzanne Powe