Auctions still causing sleepless nights for buyers

Auctions still causing sleepless nights for buyers

Last year St George Bank surveyed 1000 prospective buyers and found that auctions were still getting the better of them. They found that prior to attending an auction 51% experience anxiety and 48% said it had a negative impact on their sleep patterns.

In addition, 62% of home buyers admitted they didn’t have a strategy in place when attending an auction with almost half (48%) not being as prepared as they could be prior to auction day.

23% of respondents reported the house hunting process was having a negative impact on their relationship while 33% claimed their work suffered.

Given this level of anxiety and the fact that for most people a property purchase will be one of the biggest financial and emotional purchases they will make I’m amazed that more prospective buyers aren’t turning to experts for help.

As a professional buyer’s agent for the past 15 years, I have witnessed thousands of Australians play the property auction “game”. Unfortunately very few of them truly understand the rules or know how to play to win. If they get a good result it’s more often down to good luck than good management. No wonder the anxiety levels around auctions are so high.

I have seen the stress and strain that buying a home or investment property puts on relationships.  Not only will engaging an expert save you time, stress and money it could well save your relationship.

In this day and age of increasingly busy workloads and family lives it’s wise to invest in expert advice particularly when you simply don’t have time to do the necessary research and legwork yourself to ensure a superior outcome is achieved.

Do what the smart money does and contact me for a no obligation discussion on how my team and I can help you manage the purchase of your next home or investment property. Not only will you sleep better knowing you have an expert on your side it will also be as close to a “stress free” property buying experience as it can be.

Click here for the full findings of the survey.

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