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Fools rush in...

It seems as though everyone wants to know where the next property ‘hot spot’ is going to be where prices are expected to jump giving buyers a financial windfall in the near future. Don't get caught up in the hot spot myth. There is no substitute for thorough research before you buy.

Sure there is no harm in checking out an area if it’s named as a hot spot. If it turns out to be a sound investment then go for it however the majority I have checked out have turned out to be average at best and others could have been better selected by throwing a dart at a map from 20 paces!

Don’t write off properties going to auction - become informed instead!

So often I have people telling me that they want to buy a property but they don’t want to bother with properties that are up for auction. I find it amazing that prospective property hunters would choose to significantly reduce the number of properties that they are going to look at simply because they don’t like or don’t understand the auction selling process.

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Waterfront apartment sells for $12 million in Manly. (As reported in the Manly Daily on 10 March)

I believe this sale demonstrates how buyers can easily be influenced by asking prices in any market. The developer was looking for $13.1m for this property and achieved a $12 million dollar sale.


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