Let’s stamp out underquoting and dummy bidding together!

Let’s stamp out underquoting and dummy bidding together!

I received a huge amount of phone calls and emails of support following my last blog “bringing down the hammer on dodgy auction price guides”. So I have decided to get serious and campaign for real change in the “for sale by auction process” by asking the Minister responsible to make it a legal requirement to publish the reserve price seven days prior to any auction.

We’ll need a ground swell of support to have any success so this is where you come in.  Too many buyers have felt the frustration both financially and emotionally when turning up to an auction only to find the reserve price set higher than the price-guide when in fact they should be one and the same.  Underquoting is cruel and a waste of people’s time and money and with your help together we can stamp it out for good.

I’ve created a petition addressed to the NSW Minister for Fair Trading that I would ask you to support.  Please campaign with me on this important issue by firstly signing the petition by clicking here and then by sending the petition links that you will receive in a confirmation email out far and wide via Facebook, Linkedin, twitter etc.

Please support my petition and make the real estate buying process fairer and more transparent for all!

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