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EPS Property Search is currently offering a Free Property Purchasing Consultation, to home buyers and property investors looking to purchase in the Sydney property market. 

If you want to buy a property that stands the test of time, and that you don't regret in a few years time, first you need to clarify your criteria and your desired outcomes.

Our Free Consultation is designed to help you achieve this clarity.

We conduct these consultations over the phone, and during our call together we will help you get clarity on the following:

  • Whether the type of property in the area you’re after is achievable for your budget
  • Any questions you have regarding your upcoming purchase will be answered by someone who actually buys real estate for a living
  • Our professional take on how to handle any roadblocks or challenges you’ve faced with your search so far
  • How to find out about new property listings before they hit the open market
  • How to find out about quietly listed properties that won’t be advertised at all
  • How to avoid overpaying when you buy a property
  • The current state of the real estate market in the suburbs you are looking to purchase in
  • Common mistakes property buyers make that can cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars

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Who we specialise in helping

  • Home buyers looking to purchase in the Sydney market (North Shore, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West)
  • Property investors who want help to secure superior investment grade properties in the Sydney market
  • Property investors who wish to boost their rental returns and manufacture capital growth

Who we don’t help

  • Property developers looking to source potential development sites.
  • People who want to us to implement strategies they can’t which they learnt from attending a seminar run by a self-appointed ‘property guru’.
  • If you’re looking to purchase in an Australian capital city other than Sydney just send us an email where your interest lies as we would be happy to connect you with a reputable buyer’s agent who can look after you.

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I live in central SA and was not able to put in the time and research needed to get a well performing property...I remember feeling that I would have used EPS even if I lived in Sydney as this is such an important and possibly critical buy in my portfolio.

- Glen Diemar, Property Investor

I am still raving to everyone about how fantastic it was to have your advice and opinion during the buying process and would encourage every first home buyer to use your service!

- Georgie Fairlie-Cuninghame, Home Buyer

Our property buying strategies and market commentary have been featured in:

We Protect Home & Investment Property Buyers
From Making Irreversible Mistakes That Cost Big $$$

Many home buyers and investors unwittingly make costly mistakes when buying property, such as:

  • Overpaying for a property by tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Buying a below-average property in a less than ideal position that under-performs in terms of capital growth and rental returns
  • Spending months and months looking for the "ideal" property without success (a lot of time down the drain)
  • Eventually settling for a "fair" or "OK" property, as opposed to an above-average property that will easily rent or be saleable in any market
  • Getting “man handled” or misled by real estate selling agents to do what’s best for them, not what’s best for you

Find out about our services...

Some people are well aware of buyer’s agents but don’t quite know enough about what they do to know for sure whether using a buyer’s agent service is right for them. If this is you then we can explain the ins and outs of what we do so you’ll have enough understanding of how it works to decide for yourself if it’s something worth looking into further or not.

Due to the amount of time, effort and labour involved for us to source a highly desirable property, establish its current unemotional value then negotiate the lowest price the vendor will take whilst fending off other interested parties so you are the one that actually buys the property – we need to feel we’d be a good ‘fit’ to work together.  If we don’t believe we’d be a good fit or that your requirements are unrealistic, we will be up front about this and let you know.

This Free Property Purchasing Consultation will typically take place within three business days of your initial enquiry depending of course on your diary availability. If your request is urgent please not that on the enquiry form.

To set up a time for your Free Property Purchasing Consultation, please complete the form on your right, or call us on +61 2 9904 4722.

What Will Happen After You 'Request A Consultation'?

After you contact us by completing the form on your right, you will click through to our Property Buyer’s Wish-List. Completing this will give us some background about your purchase and we’ll be able to let you know if we service the suburbs you are looking to buy in. Being a dedicated real estate buyer’s agent is incredibly time & effort intensive and it’s just not possible for us to be truly excellent if our service area was too large. If you’re looking to purchase in other Australian capital cities let us know as we would be happy to connect you with a reputable buyer’s agent who can look after you.

This session carries no obligation whatsoever.

Gain Clarity Around Your Property Search
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