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"We Help Time Poor & Frustrated Property Buyers
Find The Best Property Faster... And For A Better Price
Than They Ever Could Themselves. Guaranteed..."

Does this sound like you?

  • You keep missing out on great properties that seem to sell either before or shortly after the first open for inspection
  • Your life is full to the seams and you just don't have the time to devote properly to finding the right home
  • You're fed up with the ambiguity around properties’ for sale asking prices and just want to know what a property is actually worth so you don't pay too much
  • You're aware that there's a lot to get right when buying a property and you want a professional you can trust to get this right
  • You’ve been procrastinating about buying a property for too long and it’s time to get on with it
  • Up until now you’ve been going it alone and would like some support and guidance from an experienced professional you can trust
  • You’ve gotten close to buying a property a few times now, but keep pulling out at the last minute because you’re just not sure if you’re doing the right thing

If any of this sounds familiar you're not alone.

It's taken us over 10 years, many hundreds of clients and over a billion dollars in property purchasing transactions to work out what we're about to share with you on this page.

Home buyers and property investors face a real problem today. You probably realise that purchasing property is incredibly time consuming, not leveraged enough in spite of all the online tools and information available today (you have to speak with dozens of sales agents and start from scratch with each one), a real conflict of interest exists for the buyer because the sales agent you speak with is acting for the vendor to sell the property for the highest price they can get out of you, which means they won't volunteer letting you know about any downsides of the property and they don't want you being fully informed about value because it will likely mean you either won't buy or won't offer enough.

While there is a tremendous amount of property data available today in the form of property, street and suburb reports, do you have the skill and experience to interpret and use that information properly? Also how do you establish the current unemotional fair market value of a property and know in your bones that your assessment is right?

How do you know the difference between a truly above average property vs an average or below average property (and we are not just talking about location either)? You'll certainly find out when the time comes to on-sell the property if you do so for a loss or you haven't made anywhere near as much as you thought.

The more you get stuck into the process, the more you realise just how much "you know you don't know", and may find yourself daydreaming about how comforting it would be to be working in partnership with someone objective who has your best interests at heart, rather than a seasoned and real estate savvy sales professional who is trying to 'sell' you their property regardless of whether it's right for you or not.

Overwhelmed. Out gunned. Frustrated.

You know it's possible to find the right property and secure it for a fair price, if only you had the skills, time and expertise to see the property purchasing process all the way through.

We've seen many home buyers and property investors struggle with these issues over the years, and have developed our service that not only sounds good in theory, but has an unparalleled record of delivering outstanding client outcomes as well.

If this sounds of interest to you, give us a call on (02) 9904 4722 or make an enquiry by filling in the form below.

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Hear From Our Clients

“I believe EPS saved me at least $20-30K off the purchase price of the apartment. In addition I believe the property I purchased has significantly more growth potential than one I could find myself.”
- Emily de Jonge
“Pat recently secured a property on our behalf for 3% less than the price he was authorised to pay, and 6% less than the owners reserve price... If you lack knowledge or the time to secure the right property at the right price, I suggest you employ Pat Bright to act on your behalf.”
- Peter O'Malley