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It's not difficult to find and buy average or below-average quality property. The key to long-term investment success in real estate is securing a superior property, with an exceptional floor-plan in the right position, within a first rate suburb for the right price- which has the greatest potential to out-perform.

We have found by purchasing for clients since 1999 that over three quarters of properties perform at or below the market average and the remainder (around 10% to 20% of properties depending on the suburb) out-perform the average. These are the properties that our clients own.

The 6 factors that position our clients in the top handful of property purchasers who out-perform...

  1. They purchase in select parts from only from a handful of carefully chosen suburbs
  2. They benefit from EPS’ understanding that the correct position, street, aspect, floor-plan and location of the property is absolutely critical
  3. The most appropriate property type for the particular suburb is chosen- there is no one 'best' fits all property type
  4. They have EPS to source, unemotionally assess and short-list a handful of superior properties that discerning high income earning tenants will line up to rent- no matter what the rental market conditions – at present over $750,000 is required to secure such a property
  5. They beat other buyers and pay no more than ‘current unemotional market value’ even when factoring in the EPS fee to the total outlay. We don’t want our fee to be a financial impact to our clients over and above the value of the property. 
  6. They have VIP level access to properties that are not advertised and not available to the general public

Why you should work with professional
investment property finders and buyers

We exclusively represent our investment property buyer clients, so there is never a conflict of interest. You always receive completely unbiased service, guidance and advice from your dedicated buyers agent.

Listen to Patrick Bright speak to 2UE radio about property investing.

At EPS we’re NOT paid by...

  • Developers
  • Private home owners
  • Property marketers
  • Anyone else "selling" property...

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Transacting successfully means being the one that actually secures the property, which in the vast majority of cases is dependent on the quality of the relationship with the selling agent involved.  EPS have long established professional relationships with many real estate selling agents who we have purchased through many times over the last two decades. There is no 'quick-fix' technique or strategy that DIY buyers can employ to equal the relationships we have with the selling agents, and it's due to the quality of our professional relationships that we receive preferential treatment and have transacted on many occasions where another buyer actually had a higher offer than ours.

Having quality relationships means we hear about and regularly inspect properties (where they have been assessed to be investment grade and worth inspecting) within a few days of the selling agent being appointed by the vendor, prior to having professional photos, floor-plans, brochures, sign board and an internet listing. This means our clients side-step the queue entirely and have VIP level access to listings so fresh that the ink has hardly had time to dry on the selling agency agreement.


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What other Property Investors had to say about us


I live in central SA and was not able to put in the time and research needed to get a well performing property...I remember feeling that I would have used EPS even if I lived in Sydney as this is such an important and possibly critical buy in my portfolio.

- Glen Diemar

With your help we have now built up a very nice portfolio of investments on the lower north shore and I look forward to many more great transactions.

- Neil Tilley