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Our auction bidding service gives you the best chance of buying your ideal property at the right price

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Listen to Patrick Bright speak to 2UE radio about auction bidding.

The auctioneer yells ‘Going once, going twice’, you’re the highest bidder but the property hasn't reached the reserve — and is about to be passed in.

The selling agent is pushing you to increase your bid by $10,000 and says you might win. What should you do?

Auctions are extremely high-pressure environments where emotions can run out of control. It's too easy to spend more than you planned and you can end up in a situation where you’ve spent well in excess of the budget limit you set before the auction began.

All eyes are on you which may result in you making knee-jerk decisions in the heat of the moment that you later regret, creating long-term financial stress for you and your family.

Why risk it? At EPS, we have a wealth of experience to draw upon, as well as an arsenal of auction strategies and tactics at our disposal. We know when to bid — and when not to. Sometimes it’s best to let the property pass in and be first in line for post-auction negotiations.

No two auctions are the same and we can spot dummy bidders and know how to deal with them. We also know in which circumstances it's appropriate to interrupt the auctioneer and question their methods, and how to make strategic bids which are designed to disturb other bidders - to our advantage.

We understand the technical aspects including the auction rules and take a professional, calm, unemotional approach that gives you a massive strategic advantage.

To find out how to get an experienced EPS buyers agent to bid for you at auction, please contact us.

Real life situations where our auction bidding service
has saved clients a lot of money

  1. We have talked to auctioneers in the past and “encouraged them” to stop running the bids up – as we knew we were the only real bidder. They did.
  2. We have demanded to know who the bidders are at auction on several occasions and prevented dummy bids from pushing up the price on our client.
  3. We have let properties pass in at auction and entered into post-auction negotiations straight after and bought below the pass-in figure.
  4. On several occasions we have bid boldly at the start of an auction and bought very well. In one scenario our client was offered $100,000 more than what they paid three weeks later.
  5. We have saved countless clients from wasting their time and money getting building and pest inspections and paying us to attend auctions where the property was drastically underquoted by the selling agent. In every case these properties sold for well above our potential clients' financial capacity.


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EPS Director, Patrick Bright talks about Auction Bidding on
Channel 10's 'Breakfast'

What other Home Buyers had to say about us


At the crucial time, your experience, knowledge of the process and negotiation skills allowed me to secure the purchase with confidence and also without having to go through the stress of an auction. You made the process as simple as it could be!

- Belinda Johnston

We felt that sending Patrick to the Auction was an excellent strategy and I am positive that he saved us money with his obvious Auction experience.

- Simon Alloway & Melanie Innes