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"EPS buyer's agents help frustrated and time poor Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast property buyers secure their ideal home or investment property so they can have their life back"

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You keep missing out on great homes because they sell either before or shortly after the first open for inspection
  • Properties are selling either before the auction or for far more than you expected on the day of the auction
  • Your life is full to the brim and you just don't have the time to devote toward finding the right home and seeing the transaction all the way through to completion
  • You're fed up with the ambiguity around property asking prices and just want to know what a given property is actually worth
  • You don't want to find out that you’ve paid far too much- after the fact
  • You're aware that there's a lot that can go wrong when buying a property and you want a professional you can trust to get this right
  • You’ve been procrastinating and want someone on your side that you can trust to help step you through this complex process

What we actually do as
professional real estate buyer's agents

As a team of property buyer's agents (sometimes called ‘buyer's advocates’) we represent our clients' interests when purchasing either a home or residential investment property in Sydney, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

We don't assist buyers of commercial real estate or would be developers looking for potential development sites.

We start with a conversation where we discuss our clients’ wants, needs and reasons for purchase, along with desired outcomes and expectations. We provide feedback to give them clarity on the time frame and budget required.

Around half of our clients choose to source their property themselves, and half choose EPS to source a suitable property.

The main reasons why our clients need EPS to source property for them is to:

  • Save time - these days everyone is run off their feet trying to keep up with their busy work, family and social schedule. Many clients simply don’t have the time to do the necessary research to make informed decisions.
  • Be first in the know - we find out about new and future property listings earlier than our clients do as we regularly receive calls from real estate selling agents telling us about property they have just listed a day or two earlier, or expect to have listed in the weeks ahead.
  • Access off market properties - we inspect properties that are not marketed publicly because of our long established selling agent relationships – these are properties that our clients would otherwise never hear about.

When our clients shortlist a property for us, we perform a comprehensive evaluation of it to protect them from buying an average or below-average property that can be difficult to on-sell in the future, find a tenant for, or just won't perform like a well selected above-average property in a superior location within the same suburb. A rising tide doesn't lift all boats equally and this is particularly true in real estate.

Once the property has proven to be above-average, the next step is to conduct thorough research to establish its current fair-market value so there is no guess work when beginning negotiations. Method of sale or asking price then becomes totally irrelevant. At EPS we don't shoot from the hip.

If the vendor is realistic about what money they'll take for the property then we will enter into quite intense negotiations directly with the real estate selling agent (or the homeowner if this transaction was created by EPS targeting a specific property that was not otherwise for sale). EPS clients don't pay any more than necessary when they buy property, that's for sure.

Then it's time to bring a level of speed to the transaction that DIY buyers cannot compete with. This means that everything within our power is done to make sure that we secure the property ahead of any other buyers.

We also take care of all the finer details to assist our clients by organising building and pest or strata search inspections, running around with property contracts and everything else up to and including collecting the keys on settlement day and delivering them personally to our clients where possible.

Some of the benefits that only clients of
EPS Property Search enjoy

Discovering above-average property before other buyers

Quality property sells fast and if you have begun your search you may have noticed this already. At EPS we are experts at finding out about property ahead of regular buyers and we can create transactions by targeting specific homes that aren't for sale. We know how to find out about properties that are for sale quietly and for various reasons aren't and won't be marketed publicly through their real estate selling agent. 

Property assessment and location evaluation to identify above-average quality property

EPS clients benefit from our unique property evaluation processes. We perform a comprehensive assessment to protect you from buying ‘problem properties’ that will under-perform the market in terms of capital growth, and which take longer to on-sell or find a tenant for.

Knowing what a property is actually worth in today's market

At EPS we conduct thorough research to work out a property's current fair-market value so you can feel certain about what a property is worth in today’s market. This means no guess work when beginning negotiations.

A strategic approach to property negotiation

In addition to EPS clients benefitting from being fully informed on the current fair market value for a property, they also profit from our ability to negotiate the lowest possible price that the vendor will accept. Our clients don't pay any more than they need to. There's no shooting from the hip with EPS.

Bringing speed to the transaction

If it then appears we can secure the property for a fair price that’s within your budget then under your instruction we will enter into what can become quite intense negotiations with the selling agent (or the vendor direct if it’s a private sale or a transaction we've created directly with a property owner) to secure the property at the lowest possible price. We will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are the one who actually secures the property, which often means fending off other interested parties.

It’s amazing how often other buyer's come out of the woodwork once there is serious interest for a particular property.

Taking care of all the details and personally handing you the keys on settlement day

As buyer advocates, we handle the finer details for you to make this a ‘concierge’ service such as co-ordinating building and pest inspections and liaising with the real estate selling agents and the service providers. We can work in with your property solicitor - or if you prefer - we have a panel of top solicitors who give our clients instant service. This highly efficient, quality service can be the difference between you actually securing a property or losing it to another buyer.

15 real life situations where EPS has saved clients significant amounts of money

  1. 1 We have talked to auctioneers in the past and “encouraged them” to stop running up the bids as we knew we were the only genuine bidder. They did.

  2. 2 We have demanded to know who the bidders are at auction on several occasions and prevented dummy bids from pushing up the price on our client.

  3. 3 We have asked for evidence of other interested parties when claimed by a selling agent to lever up our offer – it wasn’t forthcoming so we stuck to our original offer. We bought at our price.

  4. 4 We have let properties pass in at auction and entered into post-auction negotiations straight after and bought below the pass-in figure.

  5. 5 We have stood firm on offers for over a month. And bought for our figure.

  6. 6 We have made offers on the condition that a written response be forthcoming within hours or we would walk. We have secured several undervalued properties for our clients this way.

  7. 7 We have saved our clients from buying expensive repairs by pointing out major building defects that required further investigation from builders. Please note we are not qualified building inspectors.

  8. 8 We have a long memory and know how the main selling agents do business. This experience is invaluable when negotiating.

  9. 9 We have laid our cards on the table at appropriate times with selling agents and transactions have occurred that otherwise would not have.

  10. 10 We have shown our clients that while they might love the place, undisclosed sales nearby show it is being marketed well above fair asking price.

  11. 11 On several occasions we have bid boldly at the start of an auction and bought very well. In one scenario our client was offered $100,000 more than what they paid three weeks later.

  12. 12 We insist that a solicitor fully examines and explains the property contract for each client. In many instances this has saved our clients thousands of dollars from being caught with unusual and unfair special conditions.

  13. 13 In a particular situation we knew that the selling agent was prone to telling the occasional 'untruth'. So we called their bluff and saved our client $125,000.

  14. 14 We talked one client down from insisting that we make a strong pre-auction offer. We bought the property for $64,000 less at auction. We had done the research and had some inside knowledge on the financial capacity of the under bidder.

  15. 15 We have bought on behalf of clients without revealing their identity. Very useful for prominent business people, people who value their privacy, public figures and for people buying a neighbouring property.

Sound good so far?

The next step from here is for you to tell us about your requirements, proposed budget, time frames, expectations and any other relevant factors about your upcoming purchase so we can let you know whether we can assist and if so- to what extent. If your desired location is an area that we service we can let you know about our service options including our fees.

To tell us about your requirements and find out our fees and service options either call the office on (02) 9904 4722 or enquire now by clicking the green button below.

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We Protect Home & Investment Property Buyers
From Making Irreversible Mistakes That Cost Big $$$

Many home buyers and investors unwittingly make costly mistakes when buying property, such as:

  • Overpaying for a property by tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Buying a below-average property in a less than ideal position that under-performs in terms of capital growth and rental returns
  • Spending months and months looking for the "ideal" property without success (a lot of time down the drain)
  • Eventually settling for a "fair" or "OK" property, as opposed to an above-average property that will easily rent or be saleable in any market
  • Getting “man handled” or misled by real estate selling agents to do what’s best for them, not what’s best for you

Find out about our services...

Some people are well aware of buyer’s agents but don’t quite know enough about what they do to know for sure whether using a buyer’s agent service is right for them. If this is you then we can explain the ins and outs of what we do so you’ll have enough understanding of how it works to decide for yourself if it’s something worth looking into further or not.

Due to the amount of time, effort and labour involved for us to source a highly desirable property, establish its current unemotional value then negotiate the lowest price the vendor will take whilst fending off other interested parties so you are the one that actually buys the property – we need to feel we’d be a good ‘fit’ to work together.  If we don’t believe we’d be a good fit or that your requirements are unrealistic, we will be up front about this and let you know.

What other Home Buyers had to say about us


You really did take the hard work and most importantly the stress out of the home buying experience and we now have our home which we both love. I would have no hesitation in utilising your services should we decide to upgrade in a few years’ time. It wouldn't be the same without you!

- Stuart Anderson and RozanneKozminski

As a first home buyer who was doing it all alone, I had looked for several months and was finding the search process increasingly daunting and frustrating. Friends who also purchased through EPS recommended your services. I believe I would still be looking if you and EPS hadn’t been there to help me!

- Helen Buckland