SellAssist Services

EPS Property Search doesn’t sell property because we act independently and exclusively for the buyer. However, many clients need to sell their property when upgrading their home and ask for our help.

SellAssist™ is an EPS service that guides sellers through the process of selecting a selling agent. Given the team are all former selling agents and deal with them day in and day out they know who are the good and not so good negotiators.

Sellers want confidence that their selling agent will:

  • Be readily available to potential buyers
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to enquiries
  • Put their client’s interests before their own
  • Provide honest feedback at all times
  • Have a solid and current understanding of the property market in their area
  • Determine the best sales strategy for their property 

Many sellers don’t have the time to do the necessary research to determine the most appropriate selling agent for the job often making the critical mistake of choosing the one that promises to get the highest price without the skills to actually achieve this result.

The EPS SellAssist™ service will manage this process for you and provide important information on the real estate industry pointing out the various pitfalls to ensure you become an informed seller. 

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What other Property Sellers had to say about us


It was all too easy! I’ve never experienced such a smooth real estate transaction, including the solicitor recommended by Patrick.

- Martin Rowe

We were impressed with the depth of your experience and knowledge of the real estate market in Sydney and your capacity to negotiate an excellent price on our behalf.

- Janet Stacey & Peter Garrard