Bag yourself a great deal

Bag yourself a great deal

The silly season is just around the corner and many people who have been looking for a new home or investment property for months will put the search on hold till the new year while they focus on getting things organised for Christmas. For sellers though, December is an important month, particularly if they have had a property on the market for at least a month already.

Make no mistake, the majority of people with a property currently on the market have a strong desire to sell their property by Christmas. With less than a month to go it’s very likely they are of the mindset to accept a little less and in some cases a lot less then they may have a few weeks ago just so they have closure going into the new year - particularly if they have purchased elsewhere already.

By backing off on your property searching to focus on planning a trip away, getting presents, food and beverages ready for Christmas, you may miss out on securing yourself a great property at a great price. If you want to have your cake and eat it too then do what most switched on people do when purchasing property - leverage your property purchase to a skilled team of professional buyers agents who are all ex-selling agents.

Who better to have on your side than a team of industry insiders! Send the EPS team an email here with your requirements today as we love shopping for great deals for our clients especially around Christmas time.

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