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What not to tell a selling agent at an inspection

With 20 years real estate experience under my belt, I can assure you buyers who reveal any information in relation to their motivation or time frame for wanting to buy are likely to pay more.

I also know that one of the main reasons I’m able to buy properties for far less than my clients are prepared to pay for them, is because the sales agent never gets to read my client’s body language or tap into their emotions during the negotiation process.

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Don't become a flood victim

It's devastating to see the results of the floods in Queensland and NSW. Particularly for those about to go through the painful process of cleaning up or rebuilding their property, some who are doing it for the second time in two years.

Don’t regret your first home purchase

A recent First Homeowner Survey by Mortgage Choice was an interesting read with almost 20% of first homeowners regretting buying their first property.

According to the survey, more than one quarter (27%) of this group felt they should have bought in a different area, 26% said they regretted not shopping around for more property and 21% said they wished they had waited until they could afford a property that was closer to their ideal home.

Patrick appears on The 7pm Project!

This week I joined the Channel 10 hit program The 7pm Project to discuss the reasons why some properties sell for less than they’re worth!

Selling Agents required to be more transparent!

When looking at purchasing a property you must remember that the property will almost always be shown in its best light from the attractive online photos through to the manicured gardens. But sometimes this facade goes too far and people are misled about the property they are about to buy.

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