DIY tips this Easter holiday period

DIY tips this Easter holiday period

If you haven’t planned a trip away, then the Easter holiday period is the perfect time to get started on that “to do” list of home improvements that are well overdue. There are dozens of easy improvements, big and small, that you could do around the house to improve the look and feel and most importantly, the value of your home. It’s important to select jobs where you can do a quality job yourself and avoid those that really need an experienced hand.

As a former carpenter I appreciate the value of a quality finish. For example, many homeowners think they can paint but in most cases people can tell when it’s a DIY job versus a professional finish so stick to painting jobs like fences and decks where a really neat finish is less important.

Likewise, it’s important to identify one or two jobs that can be taken to completion rather than starting on half a dozen tasks and leaving them half finished for months on end.

Here are my basic tips for home improvements that DIY renovators can capitalise on this holiday season:

WASH THE EXTERIOR - Sometimes all a house exterior needs is a bit of cleaning to improve the appearance. A thorough wash with a high pressure water cleaner gives your property an instant facelift.

REPLACE THE DOOR HANDLES - Replacing door handles can make a dramatic improvement for the dollars invested. Don’t forget kitchen cupboards and bedroom wardrobes. Stylish modern handles and knobs compliment the paintwork and contribute to a designer feel.

INSTALL A NEW LETTERBOX - Cheap mailboxes often deteriorate in the Australian weather. Spending 50 to 100 dollars on a new letterbox can reap disproportionally large rewards.  It sends a subconscious message that the home is cared for as only someone who truly cares for their home would care about their letterbox.

DISPLAY NEW HOUSE NUMBERS - The same is true for adding clearly visible house numbers which makes it easier for visitors and prospective buyers/tenants to find the property.

REMOVE OR PRUNE OVERGROWN TREES - Just tidying up a neglected garden can do wonders. Trim overgrown plants, replenish ground cover and plant some new shrubs. Dead, dying and overgrown trees can be an eyesore and removing them gives the garden an instant lift.  Another simple value-adding solution is to prune trees that prevent sunlight entering the interior.

PLANT MATURE TREES AND SHRUBS IN KEY AREAS - Once you’ve cleared your yard of unsightly overgrown trees and shrubs then consider planting weather appropriate trees and bushes to turn a barren garden into an alluring oasis. If you’re renovating for profit and you don’t have time for seeds to grow into trees, buying and planting mature trees is the answer.


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