Do I own a lemon?

Do I own a lemon?

Every year I like to ask myself a couple of questions about each of my investment properties and with the end of the financial year fast approaching now is the perfect time.  My questions include:

  • If this property was on the market again today would I buy it? 
  • Is there anything I could or should do to improve my investment property to generate a better return on investment to me?
  • Is this property going to perform at, or above the average, for the next decade when compared to other properties in the market?

The answers to these questions help me ensure that I retain a top performing property portfolio and that my money is working hard for me.  If you find that your investment property isn’t giving you the return you feel it should then it might be time to make a change either through renovations, by changing property managers or by selling and buying a better performing investment property. 

If you’re not sure of the answers to all of the above questions in relation to your investment property or if you want someone with a trained eye who knows how to unemotionally evaluate a property and has hundreds of investment property purchases under his belt then click here to shoot me an email and I would be happy to discuss…

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