Don’t let the cold weather put you off

Don’t let the cold weather put you off

We’ve had beautiful sunny weather the last few weeks but the cold conditions will be on their way soon enough.  It’s quite common for Sydneysiders to put their search on hold during the cooler months of the year – but is this really the best strategy?

True, there’s often not as much stock on the market during the winter months but trends also show that less buyers are likely to pound the pavement thereby reducing the competition.

Add to that the fact that gardens are typically less attractive in winter and you may be able to find yourself a great property for less money than you would have to pay during the warmer seasons. 

The two most important factors that have an influence on the price a property will sell for are supply and demand and the emotional appeal.  So if you really want to secure a quality property at a great price it may not be such a good idea to put your search on hold till spring. 

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