He who hesitates is lost!

He who hesitates is lost!

A big mistake that many home buyers make is procrastinating when they’ve found a property that ticks most if not all their needs.  They labour too long in making a decision and miss the property that they've been waiting months, sometimes years, to find.  

The hesitation usually comes from fear.  Buying a property is one of the most stressful transactions most of us will ever make and the biggest stress usually comes from the fear of paying too much. There is nothing worse than realising you could have bought better, and it’s too late once the contract is signed.

By deliberating for too long, home buyers run the risk of losing the property, or having increased competition drive up the price because another party has had time to see it.

If you’re crystal clear about what you’re looking for and you’ve done your research, you’re less likely to hesitate and miss out on a great buy because more often than not the great buys don’t last long.

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