24 June 2010

Are we heading for another government induced mini bubble??

Next week on the 1st of July, the new NSW Home Builders Bonus comes into play which is sure to attract plenty of attention.

26 May 2010

Ask yourself – Do you need it??

Why do people purchase properties at their limit and often beyond their means? These properties often come with more bedrooms and bathrooms than they really need.

13 May 2010

Are you in the know?? Real estate experts discuss changes to foreign investment rules

Do you know who you’re competing against when buying a home or investment property after the Federal Government announced even more changes to the foreign investment rules on April 24?

05 May 2010

Bringing back stricter rules for foreign investors in Australia is a good thing!

There’s been plenty of discussion in recent months about the increase of foreign buyers pushing up Australian real estate prices in established areas after the Federal Government relaxed the regulations last year.

28 April 2010

Are you thinking of selling?

Before you commit to selling your property with a full public marketing campaign I suggest you do what dozens of people are now doing - they are giving us a call at EPS to let us know!

17 April 2010

EPS wins international award!

I’m very excited to be able to share the news that EPS Property Search has taken out top honours in the Asia Pacific Property Awards in association with Bloomberg Television!

01 April 2010

Key Auction Tips - Part 5 How to Prepare Your Auction Strategy

Welcome to my final installment in this series of Auction articles. Over the last month you should have developed a more comprehensive understanding of the auction process. To finish it off, let's take a look at how to prepare a good strategy for auction day. Here are my top seven tips:

01 April 2010

Overpaying will come back to bite you!

Just last week we bought a great property with magical views over middle harbour for $1.6million. The vendor bought it in 2003 for $1.55million. Ok, yes we bought about 100k below what we feel was fair money for the property (not easy to do in such a strong market).

25 March 2010

Key Auction Tips - Part 4 Selling Agents' Tricks of the Trade

This week I share with you one of the selling agents' tricks of the trade when it comes to selling via auction.

24 March 2010

The importance of understanding the market

People probably get sick of hearing me say that prospective buyers must research the market. Well this time I will let independent property analysts Residex explain just how important it is to understand current market values.


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