18 March 2010

Key Auction Tips - Part 3 The Psychology of Auctions

Observing and understanding the often subconscious, psychological factors that influence bidding is part of my business. It helps me to get the best deals at auctions for my clients.

11 March 2010

Key Auction Tips - Part 2 Organise Your Finances and Research the Market

If want to buy well at auction then ask yourself this important question. How do you work out the value of a property up for auction so that you know where to set your bidding limit? The answer is `research, research, research'.

04 March 2010

Key Auction Tips - Part 1 Understanding the auction process

Before you can even start thinking about buying well at auction you need to take some time to fully understand what the auction process actually involves.

02 March 2010

An expensive shortcut...

Just the other week one of my clients was gazumped a matter of hours before exchange by, in the agent’s words, "a substantial increase on our agreed purchase price".

It turns out that the purchaser had not internally inspected the property or conducted a building and pest inspection.

25 February 2010

Gazumping goes on every week - is it fair or just greed on the vendors part?

Gazumping happens when a buyer reaches a verbal or even written agreement to buy a property with a vendor, however before the “contracts are exchanged” a second buyer comes in at a higher price, or offers better terms, and contracts are instead exchanged with them – leaving the first buyer high a

16 February 2010

Location does matter!

I read an interesting article the other day by property analysts, RP Data, which showed that Sydney properties located in the premium postcodes had a significant increase in values above and beyond less prestigious areas.

03 February 2010

A bigger deposit to secure a home loan is an unpopular move but a wise one

We’re seen most financial institutions tighten up their lending criteria since the global financial crisis and considering what happened around the world on the money markets in the last 12 months it’s hardly surprising.

18 January 2010

Don’t take a short cut you will regret!

If you’ve been house hunting for a while and you come across that perfect property you’ve been looking for it’s tempting to rush in and try to buy it as quickly as possible.

10 December 2009

Remember your long term goals as you spend this Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has begun and the pressure is on to organise the gifts, the lunchtime feast and holidays away.

03 December 2009

Q. I noticed a story on Today Tonight about buying property in the USA this week. It seems very cheap, what are your thoughts in regards to this?

A. With any property or other investment purchase you’re taking a risk. If you want to increase that risk then buy in an area that you’re not familiar with - and if you really want to take your risk to the extreme then buy in another country.


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