13 November 2012

Can I really afford to pay a premium?

You should never pay a premium for an investment property but if you’re buying a home that you’re going to live in for the next ten to twenty years and it’s a nine or more out of 10 for you then it’s ok to add a little extra to try to secure the property.  But there’s a word of warning about fina

08 November 2012

Property hot spots and outperforming the market

We often have people contact us for our thoughts on the latest "hot spots", sometimes just before they jump in with both feet.

First off let me say that there's nothing unusual about wanting to make a profit or achieve above market average growth.

31 October 2012

Don’t regret your first home purchase

A recent First Homeowner Survey by Mortgage Choice was an interesting read with almost 20% of first homeowners regretting buying their first property.

12 September 2012

Building a successful property portfolio

I don’t believe a successful real estate portfolio is about how many properties you have, it’s about their quality. That is of course if you want to build up a nest egg that will provide you with a reliable return on investment well into the future. 

16 August 2012

Are you ready for the spring property buzz?

Thankfully the warmer weather is just around the corner and with it comes the peak of the real estate market. Spring is the time of the year where many property owners try to capitalise on attractive gardens and the sunny days that spring brings.

27 July 2012

An investment strategy that works in any market

It doesn’t matter if the market is going up, down or sideways you can make money by renovating the right types of properties the right way. As with any successful strategy it starts with a plan. I always begin a renovation project with the end in mind to ensure I make a profit. 

12 July 2012

Why asking prices are irrelevant and what to do about it

I often hear people referring to their home or investment property purchase in regards to how much they ‘saved’.  When I ask a few questions and dig a little deeper (it’s my nature I just can’t help it) more often than not I discover they’re referring to A) the amount of money they were able to n

14 June 2012

Do I own a lemon?

Every year I like to ask myself a couple of questions about each of my investment properties and with the end of the financial year fast approaching now is the perfect time.  My questions include:

06 June 2012

I thought the market was supposed to be soft!

In the last few weeks I’ve seen a 3-bedroom house that was barely liveable and not worth a dollar more than $1.125m sell for $1.248m.   Then a couple of days later a 2-bedroom apartment which was worth $700k sold for $750k.  Following on from that the Sydney Morning Herald showcased a property th

31 May 2012

Don’t become a desperate seller

Choosing to put your property up for auction is an effective way to sell however in a buyers' market it sends a desperate message to buyers.


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