04 November 2014

Would you rather look rich or be rich?

I heard this important question a long time ago. It really had some cut through with me and I have been sharing it with people ever since.

17 September 2014

Property investors: do you know who your target tenants are?

Before you buy a residential investment property part of your research should always be in considering who is going to rent your new investment property.  If you match the property to the target tenants you’re less likely to have vacancies or need to discount the rent t

11 August 2014

Should you renovate your investment property yourself?

So you’ve decided to renovate. Should you do any of the renovating work yourself? Legally you can pretty much do everything that is cosmetic. What you can’t do is anything electrical or that falls under the heading of plumbing work.

24 July 2014

A tale of two auctions

On Saturday I witnessed two auctions that were marketed in two different ways which resulted in very different outcomes.  

17 June 2014

When the selling agent tries to “work you over” at an auction

When the bidding stalls at an auction, the selling agent and their assistants will often go around cajoling bidders to raise their bids. This is known as “working over the buyers”.

11 June 2014

Why downsizers should buy pre-loved rather than off-the-plan

I find baby boomers to be discerning buyers. Typically they’re downsizing from a family home and are looking for apartments with a lot of space and high quality finishes.

22 May 2014

Are you buying or do you own property? Are you properly insured?

Buying a home is often the largest financial investment anyone is likely to make in their lifetime. Yet I am constantly surprised how many people fail to adequately protect what is likely to be the biggest income producing asset when paying for the property - ‘themselves’.

14 May 2014

Why property investors should seek suburbs with “upside”

Some suburbs have better potential for capital growth than others. So when I'm buying an investment property, I'm always looking for suburbs with “upside”.

08 May 2014

Would you like to retire when you want to or when the government says you can?

Proposed changes recently announced by the Federal Treasurer will see anyone under the age of 49 this year not able to retire until they are 70.  And the reality is that over the next twenty years or so the goal posts could be moved out even further.

01 May 2014

How to "manufacture" capital growth with property renovations

If you don't include renovating as part of your property investment strategy then you're probably not maximising your potential returns. You can use it to fast track the growth of your portfolio, create an additional income stream, or a combination of the two.


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