10 April 2014

The Queensland Government set to miss the mark

According to news reports it looks like the ban on price guides for properties up for auction in Queensland will go ahead when parliament sits in May - with one minor amendment.

26 March 2014

Federal inquiry announced into foreign property investment

It’s good news for Australian home buyers and investors who are looking to secure their own financial future, with the Federal Government announcing an inquiry into its foreign residential real estate investment policy.

17 March 2014

Let’s stamp out underquoting and dummy bidding together!

I received a huge amount of phone calls and emails of support following my last blog “bringing down the hammer on dodgy auction price guides”.

26 February 2014

Bringing down the hammer on dodgy auction price guides

I enjoy auctions, I always have and I have represented, guided and bid for hundreds of clients.  The process has its pros and cons but there’s a big cloud over low price guides, which is the soft term for underquoting, which must be addressed.

06 February 2014

Why the Federal Government must change its foreign investment policy

I'm not against foreign investment and I'm not against the property market increasing in value.  What I don't agree with is the current 'Foreign Investment Policy Settings' in regards to property acquisition by non residents or non Australian citizens.

22 August 2013

Ideas for relocating to a new area

The number one mistake people make when relocating to a new area is buying a home before they fully check out the area they are moving to. Buying a home in an unfamiliar area carries serious financial risk and buyers should do their research carefully before jumping in. 

23 July 2013

Why sometimes a lemon can be sweet

Just because a property has been on the market eight weeks or more doesn’t necessarily mean it’s sour.  There are three key reasons why a property doesn’t sell:

16 July 2013

Why I love buying at auction

In my experience I would say very few properties sell for fair money at auction.  The majority of properties are either sold for over fair money to emotional buyers who are not prepared or they are sold at a price which is below fair money to a lucky or an astute, well researched buyer with a pla

03 July 2013

How to save money renovating kitchens and bathrooms

If you’re looking to undertake a renovation job then chances are the kitchen and bathrooms will be on your ‘to do’ list. These are ‘make or break’ rooms in a property if you’re looking to sell it or rent it out for a great price.

20 June 2013

View your property portfolio as a business

Regardless of whether you have one, three, five or more investment properties, now is the time to evaluate what you want from your portfolio for the financial year ahead. 


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