Here's what our clients say about us!

Here's what our clients say about us!

To better understand the results that we can generate for you, hear what our clients have to say about their EPS experiences. Our clients know the high level outcomes that can be achieved from engaging experienced industry experts when buying Sydney property, bidding at auction, negotiating price and terms, in property management and when managing renovations.

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Property Investment

Our second experience with EPS reinforced the satisfaction we got from the first.

Wendy Curley

Since our first meeting I think it took us just 2 months to find and close the deal! Without your help, we would never have picked the area or suburb you recommended as we were not familiar with that area at all. Best of all, the week after we closed the deal, the suburb you recommended was listed as the suburb with the highest growth potential in that area (in the SMH).

Vajira Weerasekera

Out of the investments we made in the past year, I must tell you that the investment we made through your services has been one of the best.

Vajira Weerasekera

I have been most impressed with your knowledge, organisation and energy in pursuing this purchase. I found that your seminar / workshop on investing in real estate was most informative, and helped to launch us into the property market.

Roman Pazniewski

Thanks so much to you and the staff at EPS for all your help in finding my first apartment…… The properties that you selected for me to view matched and had obviously been carefully chosen, and met all the criteria I had provided!

Roger Frankham

Pat recently secured a property on our behalf for 3% less than the price he was authorised to pay, and 6% less than the owners reserve price... When buying residential or commercial real estate, if you lack knowledge, confidence, or the time to secure the right property at the right price, I strongly suggest you employ Pat Bright to act on your behalf.

Peter O'Malley

Thank you very much for negotiating the purchase of our property. Alicia and I are very grateful and please with the services you and your company provided.

Paul & Alicia Matthews

With your help we have now built up a very nice portfolio of investments on the lower north shore and I look forward to many more great transactions.

Neil Tilley

It was all too easy! I’ve never experienced such a smooth real estate transaction, including the solicitor recommended by Patrick.

Martin Rowe

I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the investment property I purchased last month in Glebe which was made possible with the hard work you put in over the past 4 months. It would have been virtually impossible seeing I live in Qld. to purchase a property in Sydney and know that all the checks and balances are done. You knew from the first meeting what I was looking for and recommendations were spot on.

Loretto McDonald

This is the second property you have purchased for us and again we are very happy with your results. You definitely have market expertise which results in your ability to quickly see what's good, what's not and what is a fair price.

John Cornwall

We were impressed with the depth of your experience and knowledge of the real estate market in Sydney and your capacity to negotiate an excellent price on our behalf.

Janet Stacey & Peter Garrard

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the result on Friday. Think you have done an excellent job and feel we have received great value for money.

James Cameron & John McCormack

I live in central SA and was not able to put in the time and research needed to get a well performing property...I remember feeling that I would have used EPS even if I lived in Sydney as this is such an important and possibly critical buy in my portfolio.

Glen Diemar

I am still raving to everyone about how fantastic it was to have your advice and opinion during the buying process and would encourage every first home buyer to use your service!

Georgie Fairlie-Cuninghame

Thank you to you and John for all your help in purchasing the property. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Gary & Carol O’Brien

I believe EPS saved me at least $20-30K off the purchase price of the apartment. In addition I believe the property I purchased has significantly more growth potential than one I could find myself.

Emily de Jonge

Having someone do all the work for us was a very pleasant experience. All our requirements were met, the property is now tenanted and returning us in excess of 6.8% on our investment. What more could we ask?

Dugland & Suzanne Powe

Thank you so much for your efforts in securing the property at such an amazingly low price! I think we owe you a beer or two…!!

Colin Wood

I had been looking on the market for 6 months, and the more I looked, the more confused I became. With your expert advice, not only did you eliminate my confusion, but you assisted me in finding an “excellent” investment, rather than just a good investment.

Chris Brell

We were seeking professional expertise with regard to property investments and we have been rewarded greatly in the short time spent with you.

Carmen & Stuart Bjerre

As Australians living overseas, we have talked about and come close to buying Sydney property over the last few years. Frustrated at the unhelpfulness of real estate agents and our inability to get results remotely, we decided to get smart and employ some experts - so we hired EPS on the recommendation of a close friend. Not only did the EPS team get a great result buying a property for us at auction they were willing to go the extra mile.

Carly and Bryan Starkey

Thanks for your help in finding the right investment property at the right price. You saved me heaps of time in searching, and time is money to me.

Cameron Dodd

You exceeded my expectations; you not only found me a house in 3 days of leaving Sydney but negotiated an excellent price.

Brian Sher

Brett and I would like to thank you all so much for your invaluable assistance in purchasing our new investment property. Not only did you negotiate the price down by $25,000 but you supported us through the whole settlement process with friendly and real advice.

Brett & Jennifer Lillie

I found Patrick and the team at Executive Property Search extremely helpful.

Brad, Alexandria

At the crucial time, your experience, knowledge of the process and negotiation skills allowed me to secure the purchase with confidence and also without having to go through the stress of an auction. You made the process as simple as it could be!

Belinda Johnston

Home Buying

We always imagined that our first home purchase, particularly in a country that we were new to, would be a stressful and anxious time for us. On the contrary, you have ensured that it has been a thoroughly pleasurable, exciting and stress-free process.

Warren & Michaela Legg

Your negotiation skills are second to none; we refer to you as the Grand Chess Master when we talk about how you negotiated the purchase of our new home.

The Harris Family

You really did take the hard work and most importantly the stress out of the home buying experience and we now have our home which we both love. I would have no hesitation in utilising your services should we decide to upgrade in a few years time. It wouldn't be the same without you!

Stuart Anderson and Rozanne Kozminski

You negotiated a fantastic unit, $65,000 under the initial asking price and with a 4 week settlement period.

Stephen & Abbey Young

We felt that sending Patrick to the Auction was an excellent strategy and I am positive that he saved us money with his obvious Auction experience.

Simon Alloway & Melanie Innes

WOW is all we can say. You found us our perfect home on Saturday & on Thursday we own it!! I hope that’s a record on the books of EPS Property Search Miracle Makers…

Simon & Susie Harris

After 6 months of trying to deal with real-estate agents, guessing at prices, suffering several setbacks and becoming very disillusioned with the whole process, going to EPS was the best thing we did. Your honesty and professional approach has been greatly appreciated.

Sigurdur Jonsson and Meghann Nikola

With several other parties keen to compete on the price and timing, I am sure we would have missed out if not for your expert negotiation skills in working with the real estate agent to get contracts exhanged on the property without any unnecessary drama. We definitely would not have had the confidence to take the steps needed, under such time pressure, without your involvement. It took all the major stress out of the buying process, and that is invaluable!

Sarah and Bruce Macaulay

We were ready to give up on ever finding what we wanted in the local area we know and like so much. Although it was a seriously big ask from us, you managed to find exactly what we were after and within budget too!

Rosalind Anderson and Nicholas Durrant

Whilst time wasn’t our primary reason for using EPS, we quickly realised what you mean when you say that you will ‘give us our weekend back’. It was fantastic to know that we were looking for a new house, even though we were spending our time doing other things.

Robert & Rebecca Whiley

I was most impressed with the quality of the homes which you found for us to look at, and the extent to which your selections matched my specifications. The one we bought had not even been put on the market, so we were able to save a lot of money and time.

Richard Whiley

We gave them the parameters of what we were seeking to buy, and they found us exactly what we had been looking for after a comprehensive search of properties between Meadowbank and Hornsby.

Peter Baker

Throughout the 6 months it took us to buy a house Patrick was always available, provided sensible advice and gave us a great emotionally detached sounding board. Having someone on your team that can cut through the real estate spin is invaluable.

Nigel Essex

When we made the decision to employ the services of EPS it was great to leave the search in your capable hands and we were astonished at the speed at which you found us the perfect pad and for $20,000 less than the asking price!

Moray & Colin Wood

A warm thanks for the effort towards buying my first home. I felt it was made so easy. I am mostly grateful that you found all my requirements in a property almost $100,000 less than I initially set out for.


Your companies assistance has most certainly added a huge amount of value to both the success of the purchase of my new home and generally an almost stress free settlement process.

Lynne Heskett

When the right property had been identified, your skills and know how of the industry and its players and your determination resulted in a purchase pre auction which probably would not otherwise have occurred as there was another rival purchaser.

Lucy Bylhouwer

I must thank you so, so much...It was like an outside force was working in my favour when you became involved. Even my finance broker and solicitor were amazed with how you made everything unfold the way you did - there is no way I could have done it without you.

Kate Lone

Kristin and the EPS team managed to find us a home that suited us perfectly within a few weeks of getting them on board.

Kara & Gervais Laird

It was great that the stress of buying at auction was removed and that you were able to secure the property for us under budget. We're convinced that your experience gave us the edge over other bidders.

John, Kirsty and Loughlin

My experience with Patrick was a positive one: it was money well invested given my lack of knowledge in house construction, valuation and negotiation/purchasing. His expertise in these areas saved me a lot of stress, and allowed my family to negotiate with confidence.

John Robinson

Since meeting you and engaging EPS Property Search, the process became streamlined and focused. Your team quickly identified my needs and confirmed that my expectations were realistic.

John Plumb

We are all over the moon with the place and the location and we are sure there is no way we would have been able to secure it without your help. In fact it is likely we wouldn’t have found it as there is no way we could have gone through the 60 odd properties you did with a toddler in tow.

Jo, Olivia & Sean Toms

For me, the most impressive aspect was the speed and which you acted. Whilst we were aware there was another couple willing to offer and higher price for the property we wished to buy, your speed and negotiation skills certainly turned the advantage our way.

Ian Galloway

To Patrick, Debbie and the entire EPS team for your courteous, caring and extremely professional service my mother and I say thank you. However, thank you hardly seems enough; to say your blood is worth bottling and your worth your weight in gold is probably more appropriate.

Ian Fulton

As a first home buyer who was doing it all alone, I had looked for several months and was finding the search process increasingly daunting and frustrating. Friends who also purchased through EPS recommended your services. I believe I would still be looking if you and EPS hadn’t been there to help me!

Helen Buckland

I have seen many examples of the incredible results you have achieved for others but experiencing your skills first hand I have to say I am incredibly impressed and would highly recommend your services to any buyer. We are more than thrilled with the result and your advice has been invaluable.

Haley North and Steve Bellamy

We were impressed by your knowledge of the northern beaches area, your no-nonsence advice and your ability to generate ideas for our consideration... In terms of money saved and hassles avoided it was well worth the money.

Gavin Davis

It made all the difference to have someone on my side that actually knew what they were doing!

Dorothy Schaw

We would like to say the BIGGEST OF THANKYOUS for your hardwork in finding and securing our house in Stanmore for us. You've made buying a house from the other side of the world possible!

Clare Evans and Shane McCartney

Your negotiation was amazing! Not only did you bring the price down to within our price range, you also arranged a quick settlement and ensured the vendor paid for the ‘extra costs’ that we would have been liable for within the next year. You saved us thousands!

Chris Mackenzie and Natalie Smith

We would like to pass on our thanks and gratitude for the assistance, expert advice and reassurance we received during the search for, and purchase of, both our properties in Australia. Neither would have been achieved without the professional work of your team as we would not have had the time, nor courage, to consider these purchases from overseas.

Chris and Kathy Walden

When I was stressed to the max and needed to buy a family home I'm glad I had Paul Wilcox in my corner. The bottom line is Paul saved me hours of effort and stress. I could relax confident in the knowledge that Paul was taking care of everything.

Charles Cuninghame

During the search process you kept us informed and never pressured us into anything. You also backed up any evaluations with proof. If we had any questions the staff were always helpful and prompt in their reply.

Carwyn Watson & Monique Berruex

During the auction it was evident that there were a number of parties that were very keen on the property and had a valuation similar to ours. Therefore, I strongly believe that it was the tactics that you employed during the auction process that ensured a successful outcome.

Brett Sutton

From my first dealings with EPS Property Search (at the Channel 9 Money Show), I was confident that you would be able to smoothly assist me with finding an appropriate property.

Billy Govan

We really appreciate all your help and we are over the moon with the results you’ve achieved for us.

Bill & Sarah Billingsley

My wife and I were both very impressed and still not sure how you managed to find and buy us a home in our preferred suburb that met our needs, well within our budget and without it ever getting onto the public market.

Anthony Saines

We had been looking for 2 months and hence really appreciated the time and stress saved. Being first home buyers, it was comforting to have someone with your vast experience on our side.

Andy & Claire

From day one I was amazed at your professional approach to the property search and buying process. You explained the process thoroughly, took care of all the detail, and actually made the whole journey stress free and enjoyable for me.

Andrew Talbot

We new that if we embarked on this journey alone, it would be protracted with work and family commitments further hampering the process...We were immediately impressed by Patrick Bright, who quickly demonstrated his professionalism, focus on customer service and experience that we were looking for.

Alphra Robbins and Craig Feeney

Not only did you secure the property at a great price, you also assisted me in finding the property I wanted in the suburb I wanted to live in. In addition, the property I purchased met all of my “must have” criteria.

Alison Browne

Thank you so much, you found us the right home with everything we wanted, in our number one suburb, and you did it so quickly too.

Alan & Wendy Curley

Property Management

Thank you again for acting as a property manager. We will be happy to recommend your services to any friends who are looking for a property manager.

Steve & Allison Walker

I am writing to express my appreciation of the way you managed to use diplomacy, firmness and some patience in converting a rent defaulting tenant into a compliant one.

Sol A Cohen

Sandra and I want to thank you for the excellent report on the status of our Home Unit. The fact that you do the inspection on a regular basis shows how you care for your client’s assets.

Russell & Sandra Byrne

I wanted to thank you for all your help in finding me the perfect apartment in Manly, your knowledge of the area was a tremendous help.

Robert Shaw

Being before Christmas I was a bit scared to rent it at that time but I was very impressed by the speed and price we got for the apartment.


Having been with someone else for a number of years we were amazed with the difference you made when we asked you to look after us.

Judy Einberg

It was a great pleasure dealing with you, we look forward to working with you in the future, along with managing any of our future investment properties.

Juan & Glenda Fourie

The most pleasing aspect of the renovation was the short time taken as you promised and the speed at which it was let.

John and Vicki Wright

I have no hesitation in recommending your services to any prospective property owner – particularly if they are located overseas. Your professional manner and experience allow me to be worry free despite being in a different country and time zone.

Hilda Dimasi

I have found your service to be a cut above the rest and am thrilled with the results you have achieved for me.

Haley North

We have found your team to be highly professional, responsive to our needs and our tenant’s concerns, and always willing to sprint the extra mile.

Andrew & Elisa